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What Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Wore To The U.S.-Africa Dinner

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

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Yesterday's dinner for the U.S.-Africa Leaders summit on the South Lawn of the White House sounds like a particularly good time: Lionel Richie entertained the crowd, the menu included cappuccino fudge cake with papaya and vanilla from Madagascar for dessert, and celeb guests included Chiwetel Ejiofor, Robert De Niro, and Jeff Gordon. And Michelle Obama and Jill Biden pulled out eye-poppingly colorful dresses for the occasion.

According to Harper's Bazaar, the First Lady's bright yellow dress was designed by Prabal Garung. Jill Biden had the perfect gown for the party, a turquoise wax print dress from Congo that she bought during her trip to Africa last month. The Washington Post has the full story about how Biden worked with seamstresses to design a custom gown made from the popular wax print fabric brand Vlisco.
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