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The Gussy Rain Cover Is a Cute Little Umbrella For Your Handbag

Images courtesy of The Gussy
Images courtesy of The Gussy

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Washington lobbyist Jamie Brown Hantman never thought she would get into the design industry, but one big idea changed that. "When I hit a big milestone birthday, I treated myself to a really fancy purse. I was terrible about following the weather and never had an umbrella," she said. So Hantman started carrying her fancy purse's rain cover everywhere she went, using it with all her purses in case it rained. "Women would stop me," she said. "There was one time that a woman followed me down the hall in the Rayburn building to ask me where I got this cover because it's such a great idea."

Inspired, Hantman created The Gussy, a $70 rain cover that fits on basically any types of purse and folds up compactly for storage in a plastic sleeve. "It's a small investment to make sure that bags are protected in bad weather," she said. The covers are made in the Pennsylvania and come in several styles, ranging from chevron to polka dots to classic back or a Trompe-l'œil style. "Women who care about their purses and want to take care of them to me those are my customers," Hantman said. Now is a perfect time to try it out: The Gussy is offering 40% off entire orders with the code BACKTOSCHOOL.

· The Gussy [Official Site]