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D.C.'s Statues of Famous Women; Art Deco in the District

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All the latest news from Curbed DC...

[Photo by Kevin Harber]

CURBED MAPS — From an old bus terminal to an iconic theatre, we've mapped D.C.'s best art deco structures.

GEORGETOWNMika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe has bought a new pad at Phillips School Condo.

CURBED MAPS — Here's our guide to the statues of famous women scattered around D.C.

RENOVATION WIRE — Here's a summary of Washingtonian's take on living in old houses.

CURBED INTERVIEWS — The realtors of District Dwell talk pop-ups and D.C. neighborhoods with good prices.

POPPING UPPop-ups are further defined and priced out.

LOGAN CIRCLE — Check out the new renderings for the luxe condos of Holm.

DUPONT CIRCLE — There's an itty-bitty studio available in the famously tall Cairo.

ATLAS DISTRICT — Here's your first look at Solar 17, a new set of solar-powered townhouses off the H Street Corridor.