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Hottest Trainer Contestant #6: Kathleen Kulikowski

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Before Kathleen Kulikowski really got into SoulCycle, she was way more into dance than any gyms or fitness in general. "Workouts got stale," the Bethesda-Rockville native said of the gym. "I didn't know what to do. Before, I would just go in and hop on treadmill and elliptical and got bored after five minutes." That all changed when Kulikowski found SoulCycle after moving to New York to pursue theatre and dance. Instead of working out alone, she discovered she loved the studio's energy. "There's fifty-some people supporting you in here. It's awesome to be part of something and be part of the community. It's so much more empowering," she said.

That revelation led to a career change. "I ended up going to SoulCycle more than my auditions. I thought, maybe I should make this my career and my job?" And now Kulikowski has brought it full circle, teaching at SoulCycle in D.C. near where she grew up, using the same skills she brought to her performances. "I think if you ask some of my riders, you'll see that there is a lot of performance in my class. I kind of get the same high that I did when performing when I teach," she said.

Even though SoulCycle's barely been open for two weeks, we asked Kulikowski what's surprised her the most about teaching at the D.C. studio. "The riders! I am so obsessed with all of them," she said. "You never know when you come into a new market. We have so many new riders, we had over 200 new riders in one day. They're coming and putting 150% into it. I throw some crazy stuff at them, and they all either pick it up or are trying to."

When Kulikowski's not teaching 11 indoor cycling classes a week, you can find her at Equinox working on strength training. But the fiery redhead also gives into sugary temptation once in awhile, in the form of cupcakes from one of Georgetown's beloved bakeries. "My guilty pleasure is walking over from the studio to Baked & Wired after teaching doubles, and sitting at the waterfront. It's nice to walk around the city with no headphones in, and relax a little bit. I have an awesome job and I consider that the most fun part of my day. It's all about balance."

Workout jam that pumps you up?
Hot-n-Fun (BoysNoize Remix) by N.E.R.D. It makes me feel super sexy and want to turn up the resistance.

What's your favorite outfit to wear to SoulCycle?
I always teach in a sports bra, so Lululemon black leggings with any SoulCycle sports bra.

What do you have to have in your gym bag?
YSL men's cologne. I always spray myself right after class, just to stay nice and fresh.

How do you feel about gym selfies?
Selfies in a gym... I get it if you're feeling really good. I'm not a huge fan though.

Food you'll never give up?
The donut muffin at Baked & Wired. They only make it a few times a week, and I guess that's good for me.
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