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Hottest Trainer Contestant #5: Ingrid Nelson

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Personal trainer Ingrid Nelson's fitness journey started with 16 years of figure skating, and she's been physically fit ever since. Nelson is a name to know in the D.C. fitness world — she was named D.C.'s best personal trainer by Washingtonian magazine in 2014. But before becoming the PureRyde Community Director, a Nike certified trainer, an Equinox trainer, and a Mad Dogg Certified Spin instructor among others, she received some medical news that forced her to change her fitness regimen for two years. What turned out to be a strange virus made Nelson appreciate movement and health even more than she previously had. Nelson uses her personal experience to encourage others to value their own bodies enough to push themselves and get everything they possibly can out of each workout.

Nelson keeps up her workout regimen even when she is traveling with her boyfriend as he DJs all over the world. And if she's not on a bike at PureRyde, at Nike Training Club in Georgetown, or working with her personal training clients, you might find her shopping for almond butter at Eastern Market or grabbing a Chic P salad at Sweetgreen, where she's a Sweetgreen ambassador.—Kate Friedman

Pet peeve at the gym?
People not cleaning their own equipment

Song that pumps you up?
That Power

Toughest exercise move?
Burpee to a pullup with a legraise

Food you'll never give up?
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