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A Stunning D.C. Studio Apartment Ikea Makeover You Gotta See

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Being part of the Ikea Home Tour Squad has to be one of the more awesome jobs out there. The team of Ikea store designers are on a cross-country journey to make America more beautiful one room at a time, and this month, they stopped right here in Washington. Non-profit exec Namatie Mansaray had just moved into a small studio apartment in Petworth this spring, and she was running low on storage space — a situation so many Washingtonians can relate to, right? Enter the Ikea Home Tour Squad, who assessed Mansaray's Pinterest boards, synthesized her love of patterns, gold, African prints, and The Mindy Project, and analyzed Mansaray's shoe situation. "I have a ton of shoes," she confirmed.

And within a couple days, the Ikea Home Tour Squad shopped at the College Park Ikea and completely transformed Mansaray's apartment. She was blown away. "Everything will fit. All my explosion of crap will fit into this space," she told Racked DC. "This is like a dream come true." Click to tour her dreamy new apartment courtesy of Ikea, and bonus, Ikea Home Tour Squad member Elizabeth Spencer from the IKEA Woodbridge store shares tips about how you can add more storage to your own small space.

Here are two more small-space solutions for Racked readers from Spencer.

Try a sofa bed. "A sofa bed can provide extra space and even extra storage. Most Ikea sofa beds with chaises are a great example because they have built-in storage space under the chaise — perfect for storing any extra pillows and comforters."

Hide the home office. "A secretary desk is great for when you can't have a separate office space. They keep everything concealed with their drop-down leaf so no one has to know that's where you do all of your office work."

And see the videos of the buildout of the space — furniture assembly not in real time — and Mansaray's adorable reaction.

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