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Vital Jewelry Update: Five New Shapes to Know, 50 Ways to Wear

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In the wake of oversize statement jewelry and the micro-jewelry backlash that followed, there's a whole new range of body-framing, subversively sexy jewelry styles on the market. We've rounded up five fresh silhouettes here for your consideration: The elongating lariat necklace, with its deep V shape and skinny drop pendant designed to fall between the breasts; the S&M-referential reprise of the choker; the ear jacket, which shows neglected lobes a little love with a surprise framing from behind; the skinny palm cuff; and the hand chain, delicately linking fingers and wrist.

Check out ten of each style below, with options from a swath of new—and affordable—designers as well as a few surprise mall brand hits and some super luxe takes worth ogling.

This way for the jewelry >>