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Rihanna's Stylist Mel Ottenberg Is From Washington, D.C.

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Yes, Rihanna's infamous sparkly CFDA naked dress has a Washington connection! Sort of. The Washington Post interviewed native Washingtonian Mel Ottenberg, the fascinating stylist who helped vault Rihanna into fashion stardom. In fact, he's so good at his job that he says Rihanna's already worn all the designer clothes worth wearing. Here's what we learned about Ottenberg from the interview:

1. His father owns D.C.'s historic Ottenberg Bakery

2. He grew up taking art classes at the Corcoran.

"I went to the Corcoran every weekend for years and years, taking drawing classes and painting classes."

3. D.C. club kids gave him plenty of style inspiration.

"I snuck out all the time to go to nightclubs in D.C. in the early '90s. Tracks and the Volt. There was a total scene going on. There were kids wearing real fashion and I would go and just be in awe."

4. He's very diplomatic about the fashion scene in Washington compared to other cities.

"Maybe its not the last word in fashion, I'll put it that way. I'm still biased because I love it so much, but it's definitely not the fashion capital."

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