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Wedding Dress Alternatives: 20 Chic Ways to Avoid a Gown

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Those-to-be-wed who have little interest in wearing anything resembling a cupcake (or anything a bridal sales person would proclaim "a confection!") are in luck. Between jumpsuits and top-and-skirt combos, there are a ton of ways for non-traditional brides to feel like themselves on the big day.

Give Mara Hoffman's bustier-and-skirt combo a spin for an elegant beachfront engagement or try Haute Hippie's white tux one-piece for a city affair. For a great big middle finger to gobs of tulle, pair a leather Rag & Bone halter with a slits-to-there Aqua skirt. Even if you're going full-on princess for the ceremony, consider the following for a cool shower/rehearsal/reception look.

Your non-gown, right this way >>