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D.C.'s Old Newsreel Footage; Georgetown's $97K Garage

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All the latest news from Curbed DC...

[Photo by R. Lopez]

CAPITOL HILL — The home of famed Prohibition-era bootlegger, "The Man In The Green Hat" hits the market tomorrow but we can give you a sneak peek right now.

LOOKING BACK — From cherry blossoms to flooding, here are the highlights of this recently released old newsreel footage of D.C.

GEORGETOWN — Good news: we've found Georgetown's least expensive property. Bad news: it's a $97K garage.

SOUTHWEST — Think Swampoodle is a crappy neighborhood name? There were far worse names in the 1890s like Murder Bay and The Gut.

GEORGETOWN — Shuttered art gallery Heiner Contemporary has just hit the market.

NOVAThis map of stereotypes throughout Northern Virginia is not for the politically correct or easily offended.

MOUNT VERNON SQUARE — The details about CityCenter DC's planned hotel come into focus and its park starts community events.

CURBED MAPSHere's a map of homes on the market that have particularly eco-friendly features.

K STREET VS LOGAN CIRCLE — Right now the Logan Circle condo is creaming its K Street competitor in this week's Real Estate Death Match. But vote for your favorite.