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What's Going On With Refinery29 DC?

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It had been a week since we'd gotten a Refinery29 DC newsletter, and their frantic pace of publishing had slowed way down. And earlier this week, Washington, D.C. dropped off the heading of local sites, leaving New York, San Francisco, London, Chicago, and Los Angeles. What gives?

Racked DC asked Refinery29's press representative Caitlyn Carpanzano about the DC site, and here's what she wrote via email:

Coverage of DC content isn't halting, and content that the DC audience loves to read will expand through contributors. The collection page will still exist so all the local content will be in one place.

Refinery is recalibrating DC a bit though. There won't be a direct Refinery29 representative in DC any longer though subscribers will continue to receive a Refinery29 newsletter that will also include DC content from local contributors.

First last week's news of Daily Candy's closure —no more D.C. guides — and now changes are afoot for Refinery's local Washington coverage. Refinery29 launched back in 2011, and with R29 DC editor and former Post writer Holly Thomas, the site documented that duh, of course D.C. residents have style. After the jump, we're calling out a few of our favorite R29 DC slideshows from over the years featuring super-cool locals and store owners.

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Disclosure: Adele Chapin previously freelanced for Refinery29 DC