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Forget The Crisis in Ukraine, Let's Analyze Obama's Jeans

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Image via Pete Souza/White House Flickr

If you've gotta work on a Saturday, you're definitely going to wear jeans to the office. Hey, even President Barack Obama has the same thought. White House photographer Pete Souza snapped a photo on Saturday of Obama on the phone in the Oval Office discussing Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Obama appeared to be wearing some sort of double denim look.

And now detractors are up in arms about the informality of his outfit for the occasion. "Talking with the President of Russia about an invasion in a button-down shirt and jeans is not up to the task," former George W. Bush adviser Ron Christie told the Daily News. As Racked National duly notes, "At least they weren't Skyping?"

Meanwhile, Gawker wonders if Obama's off-duty "normcore" fashion sense is setting back America. "In the Russian president's eyes, Obama isn't an anti-fashion trend-setter but a middle-American tourist," Max Read writes. Dad jeans can't be a factor in international diplomacy, can they?
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