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GQ Intervenes After Congressman's Golf Shirt and Bow Tie Combo

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Image via @carmstrong07/Twitter

Here's what it takes for a politician to get a wardrobe makeover offer from GQ: pairing a purple polo with a bow tie and a sports coat. U.S. Rep. Jared Polis from Boulder, Colorado did just that this week, to swift outrage across the Internet. "Is that a purple golf polo? With a bow tie? Is that a clip-on?" asked Dennis Tang in GQ's style blog The GQ Eye. "We can help. You should let us help you. Because seriously, forget immigration reform. Keep this up, and I'm going Ted Cruz 2016, straight up."

And the best part is, yes, the GQ wardrobe makeover is going to happen. Polis cheerfully tweeted:

According to The Wire, Polis's communications director Scott Overland says that the congressman mainly shops at ASOS, which is not what we were expecting based on the outfit. Stay tuned to see what GQ suggests for Polis — we're betting it will be as entertaining as their last Capitol Hill makeover project.
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