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Is Union Station's New Pavilion the Coolest Bus Stop Shop Ever?

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Images: Hoachlander Davis Photography, LLC
Images: Hoachlander Davis Photography, LLC

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Have you noticed the two igloo-shaped pavilions located at Union Station's bus deck? They are hard to miss. Looks like they've been beamed in from another planet, or possibly Scandinavia. One of the pavilions has "SHOP" written across it in giant letters, and we had to know what was going on there and when this shop would open to the public. And it turns out that there's more to the pavilions than meets the eye.

The two pavilions will open in the spring, a rep for the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation told Racked DC. When they open, one will be stocked with traveling necessities like drinks, snacks, magazines, and newspapers. The other structure is an Information Pavilion for Cultural Tourism DC, and it will be filled with info on local Heritage Trails and suggestions for visitors on things to do in the city.

Heres the wild part: see those lines and dots imprinted on the bright yellow front facade of the pavilions? It's actually Morse code, spelling out the the lyrics from the song "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie, which references a Greyhound station. Man, Greyhound is getting hip these days.

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