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An Ode to Bumble and Bumble's Brilliantine and More Picks

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

Welcome to Editor's Picks, a weekly round-up of what we're buying (or at least stalking) this week.

Bumble and bumble Brilliantine, $24

Racked Boston editor Susie Kostaras: Oh Bumble and bumble Brilliantine, how I adore you. I do not quite know what it is you are (a texture pomade? styling creme? anti-frizz elixir?) but you've been treating my strands well for the past half-decade. Good for pretty much any hair type, you bring instant sexiness to clean or even second-day tresses with just a wee pea-sized amount. You seal frizzy ends, add shine, and give a bit of slept-in volume. Plus your tube lasts at least a year. No wonder I love you so.

Crosley AV Room Portable USB Record Player, $160 at Urban Outfitters

Racked Miami editor Ashley Brozic: I'm a die-hard Spotify Premium user, but I'm also nostalgic over the good old days of music. So for the past few months I've been itching to get a record player, and this pink floral Crosley portable player is at the very top of my wish list. It's an Urban Outfitters exclusive, and at $160 it's not a bad deal for such a cool toy. You can play 7 and 12-inch records and can easily integrate your MP3 player to play those songs that don't have a record counterpart. It's also got a set of full-range stereo speakers, and it's small enough that you can carry it from the quiet confines of your room to the wide-open spaces of a block party.

Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner, $24

Racked National features reporter Chavie Lieber: This Bobbi Brown's long-wear gel eyeliner comes in a small glass pot and glides on easily with a thin, flat makeup brush. The eyeliner has a gel-like texture, which makes the application process really easy: If you're going for an everyday, basic look, all you need is a few dabs across your eyelid, whereas a more dramatic line or even cat-eye is easily attainable with a thicker scoop on the brush. The eyeliner slides like liquid but doesn't smudge, and the amount in the pot has lasted me over a year.

Perhaps the best perk of this product is its durability. I've had good cries, intense Spins, and long days with this baby still lining my eyelids. That said, Bobbi Brown doesn't kid around when they promise "long lasting," so careful when applying if you wear contacts—any sudden movements can leave you with sticky black spots on your lenses.

Racked NY Editor Tiffany Yannetta: For someone like me who has a love-hate relationships with gyms, ClassPass is absolutely genius. For $99 a month, you can take classes at ten different (and legit) fitness studios all over the city. I signed up right before Racked Fitness Week to try out some new workouts, and I'm totally hooked.

What I like the most about it is that I can take a yoga class in Union Square on Monday, a circuit training class on the Upper West Side on Tuesday, and a barre class in Williamsburg on Wednesday. Their selection includes all the boutique fitness studios I really want to try, without the $30-a-pop price tag. You can search for classes by day and by timeframe, which is great for anyone with an annoying schedule like myself.

One more bonus (and then I swear I'll stop): I've found that it's sort of like a micro community of fitness explores. I've meet new people at every class, and we trade information on what we've tried. (This is how I learned which bootcamp instructor to avoid.) So far, it's available in New York City, Boston, Chicago, DC, LA, Miami, San Francisco, and Seattle. But if you ask nicely, maybe they'll come to your town. For example, I'm petitioning for them to expand to New Jersey.
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