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DC Fit Crasher on the Most Challenging Workouts in Washington

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Welcome to Racked's Fitness Week: five days of workout coverage, so that you can start your New Year's resolutions off right.

Meet Meaghan Stakelin, the blogger behind DC Fit Crasher, aka the must-bookmark resource for fitness classes in D.C. Curious about the yoga studio in your neighborhood or want to try a new bootcamp? There's a good chance that Stakelin has been there, done that, and written an incredibly detailed blog post about it with photos. She's reviewed a whopping 74 classes on her blog, and is well on her way to her goal of visiting 100 studios in the city.

Washingtonians aren't the only ones who are taking notice of Stakelin's gym habit: she was just featured this past week on the Today show as an expert for a trend piece on membership-free boutique gyms. We had to know: which of those 74 classes really kicked her butt? Was she always into fitness? And what workout is her first choice for a free Saturday morning? Read her surprising answers after the jump.

What made you decide to start DC Fit Crasher? What is your goal?
I started DC Fit Crasher to highlight the growing fitness scene here in Washington, DC. My goal is to create a fun resource for people trying to navigate all of the available different class options and workout trends. I crash it first and deliver the skinny on what to expect, hopefully motivating people give it a go themselves.

Have you always been into fitness?
Yes, I'd say so. My parents enrolled me in swim classes before I could walk; that really kicked things off. I then grew up handing out orange slices to runners and cheering on my mom as she tackled marathon after marathon. Talk about setting an inspirational example. And finally, I orchestrated an Olympic-themed 10th birthday party, complete with athletic events and a winner's podium. So yes, I'd like to think fitness has always been a part of what makes me tick.

How many classes have you taken?
Currently, I've crashed at 62 studios and reviewed 74 classes on the blog. My goal is to hit 100 studios by the end of 2014.

Your write-ups are so detailed. Do you tell instructors you will be writing about their classes?
Thanks! Yes, the instructors and studio owners know I'm there. Because I'm often taking photos during class and interacting with many of their clients, I always make sure to reach out and get a thumbs up before dropping in for a crash.

Which three classes have been the most challenging?
Strongman training at Edge 2.0. SolidCore. DC Boxing and Fitness conditioning class.

Runners up: Atlas boot camp. Seal Team PT. Nike Training Club.

What is one surprising tip you've learned through these experience?
Working out is not as serious as you think it is; smile. Also, always pack an extra set of socks.

It's Saturday morning, and you want to do a workout for fun, not for the blog. What studio/class do you keep returning to?
Honestly, if I had my pick after a week of crashing, on Saturday morning I'd go for a run along the Potomac or in Rock Creek Park. It's free, the scenery can't be beat, and I'm my happiest after time on the trail enjoying the fresh air.

Where do you like to shop for workout clothes?
I go through a ton of workout clothes from week to week, so I do my best to find bargains where I can to keep the sweaty exercise habit within budget. Right now I'm finding most of my items at GapBody, Marshalls, Athleta, and the sale rack at Lululemon.
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