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Old Town's REVEL Style Has All Your Cat Ear Hat Needs Covered

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Going, Going, Gone! is our look at best-selling items at boutiques and stores around the Washington area. Notice something flying off the racks at your favorite shopping spot? Hit the tipline at

Yesterday, Racked DC shared a round-up of knit hats adorned with pom poms, and today we're keeping the whimsical hat theme going. Over on King Street, former Cali resident Francesca Tanedo stocks her year-old REVEL Style boutique with affordable takes on Los Angeles street style, from cool cut-out dresses and sweaters to adorable animal-shaped rings that will set you back less than $15. And one of REVEL's best-sellers is a trend that took off in Los Angeles: hats with little kitty ears. Although one of Racked LA's experts said that cat ears are over, Tanedo says that customers at her shop are still loving the look. Let's be honest, this isn't the most D.C. of trends, so you probably won't be surrounded by people wearing these hats. At REVEL, multiple hat styles are topped with cat ears, and we have photos of them all after the jump.

Want to pretend you are in L.A, and shop REVEL? The boutique is tucked away upstairs above Hank's Oyster Bar, so look for signage on the street instead of a storefront.

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