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Ankle Boots You'll Want in Multiple Colors and Five More Picks

Sam Edelman Louie <a href="">ankle fringe boot</a>, $96 to $160 on
Sam Edelman Louie ankle fringe boot, $96 to $160 on

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Racked National editor Leslie Price: These Sam Edelman fringe ankle boots have been around for years, which is a testimony to their timelessness and wearability. They're heeled but ultra-comfortable, ever so slightly trendy yet also pretty classic, and so well priced. No wonder that out of the more than 60 reviews of the style on Amazon, many buyers confessed to stocking up on multiple pairs. If you need evidence of how they appear on the foot, look no further than Louie superfan Jessica Biel, pictured here wearing them.

Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade, $21 at Aveda

Racked Philly editor Julie Davis: I recently got Zooey Deschanel-style bangs on a whim. For someone with thick, wavy hair like me, this is the beauty equivalent of adopting a puppy on impulse, or getting tattooed while on a bender. Like bringing home a new baby, the first few weeks with bangs were rough, but Aveda's Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade has made the adjustment period a little easier. I'm not sure what sorcery is behind this stuff, but it's dynamite at controlling flyaways, keeping frizz at bay, and giving my bangs a little bit of weight. Just heat a dime-sized amount between your hands and run it through your hair, wet or dry, before or after styling.

Code of the Sea Necklace, $150 at Digby & Iona

Racked NY Menswear Specialist Mickey Sery: So you're at a party meeting a bunch of new people and you keep getting asked the same questions: What do you do? Where are you from? Where do you live? If you're not into the questions or the person, the Code of the Sea necklace can help keep the small talk to a minimum. Engraved on one side of the silver dagger is "If I tell you" and on the flip side "I'll have to kill you." People always want to inspect the necklace once they notice it, and afterwards they're either charmed or hesitant.

HUE Brushed Sweater Tights, $15 at Bare Necessities

Jackie Goldstein, Racked's Editorial Operations Manager: Having spent my entire life in New York City, I'm used to being out and about in below-freezing temperatures. I used to double- or even triple-layer black tights if I wanted to wear a dress or get some insulation going under my jeans. Then I discovered fleece tights. Fleece tights have changed my life for the better, and I am a big fan of the simple Hue ones. They're incredibly cheap but they also last longer than regular tights.

We Are Handsome x Soludos Lace-Up, $78 and Slip On, $65

Racked NY Associate Editor Nicola Fumo: I have longed for one of We Are Handsome's photoreal print swimsuits for years, but could never justify the three hundred bucks. Imagine my delight when I saw that the Aussie brand had teamed up with updated espadrille makers Soludos on a small collection for $78 and under. Now I only have two problems: picking a pair (there are five to choose from) and booking a warm-weather vacation ASAP.

The Goldfinch, $15.41 on Amazon

Racked National associate editor Kenzie Bryant: Vogue's review of Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch had me pre-ordering the book off Amazon within an hour of putting down the magazine. My nose has been in it ever since, but I've been trying to read it veeery, veeery slowly since Tartt's rolling storyline and hypnotic language are perfect to keep me occupied during holiday travels.
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