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Immortal Beloved Partygoers Tell Us Their Big 2014 Goals

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Welcome to Party Bites, in which fancy people at glamorous parties answer our probing questions.

When we toured Immortal Beloved's gorgeous new HQ on 14th Street earlier this month, it was clear the hair studio could host some epic parties in this space. And sure enough, that's what they did this weekend with a grand re-opening party on Saturday. It was a classy affair, with a cellist and tasty small bites catered by Immortal Beloved owner Kelly Gorsuch's friend Gabi Kory. It seems like all the too-cool guests there had it together, particularly in the hair department, but we couldn't help asking about their resolutions for the new year. We asked them a fill-in-the-blank question: 2014 is the year of what? And they humored us, with answers ranging from silly to inspiring.

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