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Cancel Those Gym Memberships: Reebok Fit Hub Coming Soon

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Image via Reebok/Facebook

Call it a switcheroo: this October, the Adidas store at 1251 Wisconsin Avenue, NW in Georgetown will be transformed into freestanding Reebok shop. Makes sense, as the two sports brands share a parent company. The Washingtonian reports that the Reebok Fit Hub will be unveiled during the week of October 14 with a grand opening, and that the new Georgetown shop will be the second U.S. location of the Fit Hub concept.

And what does Fit Hub mean, exactly? If it's like the NYC version, the Reebok store staff will be able to help out with any fitness, nutrition, and apparel queries. And as is so trendy these days, Reebok will host in-store workout sessions and classes with local trainers. The brand is heavily immersed in CrossFit as of late — the NYC Fit Hub is a store and CrossFit gym combo — so Washington CrossFit aficionados should get excited.
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1251 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington DC