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D.C. Fashion Insiders on The Year in Trends

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As the end of the year approaches, we're checking in with our most fashion-savvy friends to hear their thoughts on the best and worst of fashion and retail in Washington in 2013. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut and pasted herein.

What trends caught on this year with Washingtonians and which were total misses? We asked our panel: What were the best and worst in 2013 trends?

Gretchen Hitchner, owner of Ginger Boutique: Worst: The hi/lo shirt failed. The skirt was okay, but too much to ask of a blouse. Best trend: emerald. Looks gorgeous on just about everyone.

Hugh McIntosh, manager for District Flea: I love vintage sunglasses...not a fan of the overalls.

Joel Cas, editor-in-chief of What Do I Wear: Worst: Flatforms. Best: Over-the-Knee Boots

Ashley Arias, Account Coordinator at The Aba Agency: I have to say other than Uggs, which has been one of the worst trends for years now, last year's trends were right on point. From black and white contrast in spring to the alpha female/masculine looks of fall, there were more good trends then bad.

Sophie Pyle, lifestyle writer for InTheCapital: I love the crop top trend, but I hate how some people have mis-worn it – showing belly buttons – which is not how it's supposed to be done. People need to pair the crop top with something high-waisted.

I have loved 2013's wild patterns and silhouettes, and I miss the neon/glitter/Gatsby look of 2012 in a big way.

D/CITY editorial team: Clashed colors, mixed prints and textures was the best AND worst trend of the year. If you did it right, it was good. If you did it wrong, it was embarrassing. The trick is to pair a big scale with a small scale, it's about proportion and body-flattering. A stylish gray tee and two-tone/fluorescent palm tree print pants with perfect circle black shades — voila! It's design, so be sure to study before you layer yourself with colors and prints.

Uyen Tang, CEO/founder of STYLECABLE: Best Trend: The best fashion trend I love is the navy and black combo. Finally! I never understood the "never wear black with navy or brown" rules. I love this trend for a number of reasons. Namely, that we're finally throwing out the rulebook. Additionally, navy is such a rich and flattering color and is as easy and versatile as basic black. I'm currently loving my navy blue winter coat, which I wear with black books and a black bag all the time.

Worst Trend: First let me say that if you're wearing what I think is the worst fashion trend — more power to you. There are no rules and we should all wear whatever we want to! But a trend that I hope fades quickly are the wild and crazy printed leggings. Too often, the patterns are in bright colors (ahem, neon pink) and not designed to flatter a woman's lower half. I think clothing should showcase the woman and allow her to shine. What you're wearing should not be overly loud to the point where it's screaming to others that you're walking into the room before you are.

Isabella Polles, owner of Via Gypset:
One fashion trend that I have always loved, and that has gained momentum in 2013, are long skirts ranging in length from just above the ankle to almost sweeping the floor. They are so dramatic and can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways, depending on the occasion. They are also a great item to transition between the seasons so that they can be worn all year. I simply traded my crop tops from the warmer months for over-sized sweaters and sleek blazers or turtlenecks once the temperature dropped. These skirts are also great because you can style them so uniquely, ensuring that no one else will ever be wearing the same outfit when walking down the street.

I don't really believe in bad fashion trends. If something fits right, is appropriate for the occasion, and the person feels confident, then they should wear it, trend or no trend.
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