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Retail Wish List: What Does Washington Need Most in 2014?

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As the end of the year approaches, we're checking in with our most fashion-savvy friends to hear their thoughts on the best and worst of fashion and retail in Washington in 2013. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut and pasted herein.

Image via CityCenterDC, FAD Georgetown

Finally, let's look ahead to the future. What could make our city an even better place for retail? Here are fashion friends' responses to the question: What does D.C. shopping need most in 2014?

Sophie Pyle, lifestyle writer for InTheCapital: We could use some more high-end stores, so I am excited to see who all is coming in at CityCenter.

Joel Cas, editor-in-chief of What Do I Wear: I think D.C. needs more fashion events that encourage shopping. FAD Georgetown was such a good idea, it was a shame that it poured during those three days. I really hope they bring it back next year because it could be really successful if done correctly.

Isabella Polles, owner of Via Gypset: More small, independent businesses with brick and mortar storefronts! Growing up in the District, I loved getting to know the owners and regular clients. It really created a sense of community. Sadly, with sharply increasing rents, lots of smaller businesses are being priced out and replaced by mainstream corporate stores that have a rotating door of sales associates and the same merchandise you can buy anywhere in the world, which makes for a pretty sad shopping experience.

D/CITY editorial team: More men. Everything men. We need more independent and interesting boutiques and designers. The food scene boomed this year, now it's time for the fashion scene; leather goods, eyewear, etc. We need a new and young fashion vision, DC is ready for it!

Hugh McIntosh, manager for District Flea: More small stores! There's a lot more room for small fashion / antiques / food businesses in DC — so much creativity on the local level and we've just scratched the surface.

Uyen Tang, CEO/founder of STYLECABLE: I'm excited and intrigued by the new real estate development in D.C. and hope that means more retail space! I would love to see the D.C. government work on developing clustered retail spaces to create more walkable shopping areas.

Gretchen Hitchner, owner of Ginger Boutique: More made in the USA!

Ashley Arias, Account Coordinator at The Aba Agency: A Marc Jacobs store, It's been on my wish list for years now!
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