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Labradors, Vintage, and Eye Liner: Our Favorite 2013 Purchases

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As the end of the year approaches, we're checking in with our most fashion-savvy friends to hear their thoughts on the best and worst of fashion and retail in Washington in 2013. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut and pasted herein.

So far, Washington writers, store owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs have shared the shops in the area they really loved this year and their favorite new stores of 2013. Now they answer the eternal question: What was your best purchase this year?

Gretchen Hitchner, owner of Ginger Boutique: Our dog, a yellow lab named Scooby.

D/CITY editorial team: Again, too hard to pin just one. Best purchases included a bottle of Green Hat Gin (D.C.'s first distillery since prohibition!), coffee from The Wydown, Right Proper Brewery growler, and the District of Columbia Apolis Local + Global Market Bag from Mutiny. Basically, the best purchases were all made with DC pride.

Sophie Pyle, lifestyle writer for InTheCapital: I finally found the eyeliner of my dreams at Bluemercury. The staff at their Dupont Store steered me toward the Laura Mercier creme eye liner, which is super dark and is the first eyeliner I've used that doesn't smudge. I wish I discovered it sooner.

Hugh McIntosh, manager for District Flea: An MGM sofa I got on Craigslist...great deal.

Joel Cas, editor-in-chief of What Do I Wear: Two pairs of jeans that I brought at Zara.

Uyen Tang, CEO/founder of STYLECABLE: To be honest, my favorite pieces of 2013 are some of the jewelry that I've purchased from the designers on I wear them everyday!

But aside from those, my favorite design piece this year is a black mid-century slat bench with brass tipped legs that I purchased from a vendor at the District Flea market. I love the thrill of the find and was so pleased to find a piece with history, yet embodies such modern sensibility and design. It's timeless. While it's not a fashion piece, I think it's just as important to also put time and thought to surround your home with good design that reflects your style; it really affects your mood and outlook.

Isabella Polles, owner of Via Gypset: I traveled to England this summer, and went to a vintage market in Oxford where I found an epic brand-less dress with a beautiful rose print. The dress has a ballerina vibe with a full skirt and a lace up corset in the front. It is also super versatile and comfortable to wear. I biked through the hills of the English countryside wearing it, and the following week I strolled through East London's Brick Lane and got a bunch of compliments.

Ashley Arias, Account Coordinator at The Aba Agency: A mid-length black skirt from TJ Maxx that I wear just about any chance I get. It's the perfect staple to dress up or dress down.
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