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All the Badass Jewelry You'll Find at the SWANK Holiday Pop-Up

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This Thursday, photographer Victoria Milko and Panda Head's Morgan Hungerford West are launching SWANK, a 10-day jewelry pop-up shop held in their Wild Hand studio at Monroe Street Market right near the Brookland/CUA Metro stop. Running from December 12 through December 22, SWANK will feature pieces from jewelry designers giantLION, Young Frankk, Eilisain, Saint Clair, Lithics by Treasury, NMC Jewelry, and digdogdig. And all the jewelry in the shop will be displayed in a large-scale, shoppable wall installation.

Sounds cool, right? We can't show you what that installation will look like, because it's going to be dramatically unveiled during SWANK's opening reception on Thursday, which runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and includes refreshments. What we can show you is a little preview of the jewelry designers' aesthetic, which veers toward the very modern. As in geometric shapes, talon earrings and charms, hammered brass, and general coolness.

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