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The Sartorialist's Sage Advice to Keep in Mind While Traveling

Image courtesy of BrandLinkDC
Image courtesy of BrandLinkDC

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Last month, photographer Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist spoke at the Arts in the Mix festival at Monroe Street Market, and we thought, what better to person to ask for travel tips? He kindly answered our question for Racked Travel Week about what he's learned in his career of traveling to nearly every U.S. city and jetsetting around the globe. Here's the Sartorialist's very practical advice:

I think my travel tip would be don't take any thing that you can't afford to lose. Don't get too tied to anything. There was a beautiful book I bought when I was in Milan last time that I really liked that was way too heavy with my luggage. I even paid all the extra that I could, but I was just over. And the book was too big, so I had to leave it in the airport. So far, I haven't had anything else like that. I know that you just have to not be too precious with any of this stuff, because what can you do.

That was a lucky day for whoever picked that up at the Milan airport. Schuman also said next time he's in D.C., he wants to go to the National Portrait Gallery, which makes perfect sense.
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