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Nordstrom Topshop-ers Name Stylish Brits — Besides Kate

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Welcome to Party Bites, in which fancy people at glamorous parties answer our probing questions.

The Fashion Center at Pentagon City's Nordstrom made sure that British high-street fashion got a proper welcome to Washington on Saturday, with a very official Topshop launch party. Shoppers got makeovers with Topshop makeup, DJ Eskada kept the hits going, a photographer snapped photos of Topshop outfits, and host Lacey Maffettone of A Lacey Perspective pulled some cool black and white and mixed-print looks from the Topshop collection.

Since Topshop is working hard to invade America, our thoughts turned to U.K. denizens who could show the way, style-wise. We wanted asked shoppers: Who do you think is the most stylish Brit (besides Kate Middleton)?

That's just to make the question a bit more challenging. The girl is seemingly perfect, but it's too much to ask her to represent an entire country all by herself. It was a tough one, with Kate Middleton ostensibly out of the running, although Lacey was adamant about Kate (see above). But as it turns out, a certain U.K. singer's style has made a big impression stateside. Click through to find out which Brit is universally loved by Pentagon City Nordstrom shoppers.

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