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'Style Bible' by Lauren A. Rothman Released Today

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Today is the release date for McLean, Va.-based stylist Lauren A. Rothman's first book, Style Bible: What to Wear To Work, a guide to deciphering dress codes for men and women in the workplace. The book breaks down how to pick the pieces that are essential for professionals, while keeping a sense of personality — "Don't dress old, dress up," Rothman writes.

And in the lead up to Style Bible's release date, Rothman's been sharing a few tips with local media. Basically, Rothman is attempting to save white collar workers from themselves: men need to quit wearing rumpled, wrinkled work clothes, and women need to check to make sure bra straps and pantylines aren't exposed. Women can try a coordinated set of separates, like a cream skirt and cream sweater, instead of a suit, Rothman told the Washington Post Express, and for men, looking good in a jacket is more important than being able to move your arms.

And for anyone who wants to be a stylist, in an interview with InTheCapital, Rothman recommends getting out of D.C. ""Get hands-on experience in another city," said Rothman, who worked at Elle Magazine and trend forecasting firm Faith Popcorn.

Want to meet Rothman this weekend and pick up a copy of the book? You've got two chances: she'll be at the C. Wonder shop in Tysons Corner Center on Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for a book party with treats and drinks, and she'll also give a book talk at Tysons Corner Center's Barnes & Noble this Saturday at 2 p.m.
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