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Halloween at Meeps: Ke$ha Costumes, Psychic Readings, More!

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Any store that has Halloween personal styling sessions has to be legit. Yep, Halloween is the holiday for Adams Morgan vintage shop Meeps, where the cool kids shop for Halloween costumes. The 21-year-old store has always been a destination for Washingtonians looking for Halloween gear, and co-owners Katerina Herodotou and Cathy Chung have kept the tradition alive since they took over Meeps in 2012. In addition to collecting costume-ready vintage clothing, like disco dresses, plaid blazers, and military wear, Meeps also stocks the necessary accessories, as in wigs, fake blood, fake teeth and more. Costumes even have their own dedicated room besides the sales floor: the Cosmic Costume Room.

And in case you have no idea what to dress up as on October 31, Herodotou and Chung are happy to help. Meeps has been posting creative and adorable costume ideas on Instagram daily. And on Sunday, October 13 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., the store is throwing a "Pyschic Sunday" Halloween styling event.

Two cool things about the party: there will be Pleasant Pops in candy corn and hot chocolate flavors, and free tarot card readings from a psychic from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. "It's a friend of mine," said Herodotou. "She had read my cards and I was really impressed with her intuitive reading." There, you can find a Halloween costume and figure out your future in one Sunday afternoon.

· Meeps [Official Site]