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Ashish x Topshop Lands Today, Bets On Naughty Beach Towels

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Topshop thinks America is going to be into novelty designer beach towels, but maybe not LED light-up slide sneakers. Topshop's newest collaboration with British designer Ashish launches today, and it seems that the Ashish x Topshop U.S. site doesn't include Ashish's signature orthopedic-looking clubbing shoes. The UK site does, however, and here's what we're missing out on: £250 white lace-up LED slides and £300 sneaks with multi-coloured LED lights. Gonna have to rethink your entire outfit for the next BBQ. Unless you live in NYC, where they are being stocked at the Broadway store.

But for those in the market for double entendre-emblazoned beach towels, the U.S. site has the full range, as well as tees printed with pickup lines, truly trippy sunglasses, and mesh dresses that show some support for Scout Willis's favorite cause.

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